Gillette Venus #ChooseToSmooth

First I would like to say that I received these items for free for testing purposes. My review is in no way altered because of that.


 First I’ll talk about the shaving cream which I loved. I normally do not use shaving cream but this one was great. It came out of the can and had a gel type texture but as you rubbed it on it became foamy. It had a nice light smell to it and left my skin feeling soft.

FullSizeRender (1)Now for the razors.

I normally use the type of razors with the shaving cream bar around the blades but I meant change that after using these. They are for sensitive skin and were GREAT! The five blades provides you with a closer shave which leaves you smooth! I have been using the same brand of razors now for years so for me to try a different type was a big step. I’m glad that I did because I do truly love them!

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