Maybelline FitMe Foundation

This was another product that I was sent for free to review thanks to Influenster!


I was very excited to receive Maybelline FitMe Matte and Poreless foundation from Influenster. I have the hardest time finding a foundation that matches my skin complexion since I have both yellow and red undertones. Anyway let’s get on to the foundation I have a few key points that I  thought were important.

Starting off I receive this in the shade 340 Cappuccino.

  1. It’s very lightweight! That is always an important factor in foundation living in the south.
  2. It has a heavy yellow undertone to it. It is more yellow than any other foundation that I have used in the past.
  3. I have rather large pores and while using this foundation I have found that my pores look less noticeable.
  4. Its long lasting. I’ll do my makeup first thing in the morning (around 8) and it’s still on by the time I come home.
  5. It tends to look cakey which is a major miss for me. I do not like it when you can tell I’m wearing makeup so when wearing this I have to check throughout the day to make sure it isn’t caking up on me.

All in all I love that i was able to try out this product but personally I will probably not buy it again once it’s gone due to the yellow undertone and how it starts to look cakey.

4 thoughts on “Maybelline FitMe Foundation

  1. This was helpful. My skin has not been great lately so I’ve been looking for something lightweight. If it looks heavy/cakey though I might need something a little bit smoother.

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